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19 Sep 2019

Last night I went to the launch of the first issue of the PBLJ at the Woodman pub near Eastside Park in Birmingham.

The editorial and public...

3 Sep 2019

Glacier near Mont Blanc

I got an email from my hosting company saying that in two months time (if things play out as the UK government intend...

7 Jul 2019

 Dancer interacting with a T cell

Not me this time, but my partner. She's been providing scientific input to Impelo, a Welsh dance company, t...

19 May 2019

I've learned a lot from reading interviews with writers—The Paris Review sort of thing—but I'm not keen on talking about my own writing: I a...

15 Apr 2019

I recently edited half a dozen stories from James Joyce’s “Dubliners” for the Read With Audrey library. Audrey is a space where people can m...

28 Mar 2019

I have another poem from The Hours coming out in April in Banshee issue 8.

The poem is about a notable, tree—a 300 year old oak in the Shotov...

12 Feb 2019

I have a handful of poems from The Hours in the Winter 2018 / 2019  issue of PSR (no. 33). 

There are also some eco poems from Ella Duff...

8 Jan 2019

I have a couple of poems from The Hours in the January issue of Riggwelter (pages 20 and 28) which can be found here.

26 Nov 2018

Second Place Rosette

Second Place Rosette is a collection of poems about the customs, rituals and practices that make up life in modern Brita...

5 Oct 2018

Il regista britannico Derek Jarman alla Mostra del cinema di Venezia del 1991 by Gorup de Besanez

My poem ‘5 AM: Paradise: First Light’ has...

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